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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Top Industry Research on Afib Prevention to be Revealed

John Camm, QHP, MD

Monday, May 20, 2013

Driving Innovation in BioPharma: From Discovery to Delivery with Product Lifecycle Management

Kalypso Innovation White Paper
White Paper: Innovation in BioPharma

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This white paper explores how product lifecycle management (PLM) can enable biopharma companies to develop innovative products that generate real economic benefits for their organizations and health benefits for patients.

Provided by: Kalypso

Friday, May 17, 2013

Global Clinical Trial Data Collection: A minefield or a walk in the park?

Global Telecom Testing
Image by Chris Pearson
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Companies are losing clients and compromising their global clinical trials because the worldwide telephone numbers assigned to these trials are flawed. Participants and doctors calling to report critical trial data often cannot due to non-operational telephone numbers. The time and money spent to fix these faulty telephone numbers is costly, frustrating, and compromises the clinical trial and its success.

Provided by: Global Telecom Testing

Amped ATU:Free white paper How Data Fusion Can Turn Awareness, Trial, and Usage Studies Into a Powerful Tactical and Strategic Tool

Encuity strategic tool
Free white paper
Download this free white paper now.

ATU studies can be turned into a powerful tactical and strategic tool by making them part of an integrated market research platform that includes a review of competitive promotional strategy, message recall and tracking, longitudinal patient data and prescription analysis, and benchmarking against normative data.

Provided by: Encuity Research

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Direct to Persona: The New DTC

The New DTC
DTC Marketing White Paper

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This whitepaper discusses the changes in Direct to Consumer marketing that are on the horizon. The old model worked for a while, but to thrive in DTC today a more social media marketing approach is needed. The new model is flexible, direct, and can be tracked in real time with. An integrated social media approach delivers better results with Direct to Persona marketing.

Provided by: Liquid Grids

Thursday, May 2, 2013

What is Creativity?

business advantage in advertising
Anthony Rotolo
In this episode, Mr. Rotolo talks about creativity in the health and wellness space. We cover the importance of creativity in advertising, how to be creative, and, when used properly, how creativity influences behavior change.

Thought Leader:
Anthony Rotolo, Chief Creative Officer, True Health + Wellness

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a Harte Hanks Company

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Developing Robust Potency Assays for Validation

biotechnology assay
Dr. Peter Wunderli
In this episode, Dr. Wunderli discusses PPD's recent laboratory facility expansion, outlines challenges and critical factors in cell-based bio bioassay product development, talks about disease states suitable for this type of technology, and finally, takes a look into the future of cell-based assays.

Thought Leader:
Peter Wunderli, Ph.D., Associate Director, Biopharmaceutical Services at PPD

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Development and Qualification of Potency Assay Methods to Support Early Phase Release and Stability Testing of a Biotherapeutic Formulated with a Bioresorbable Carrier

Download this free white paper now.

PPD's Cell Based Assay Laboratory was contracted by a client to improve the performance of a potency assay that had been developed for their biological product. The assay met pre-established qualification specifications for linearity, precision, and specificity and has been successfully implemented in testing the release and stability of multiple product lots, across an 18 month testing period.

Provided by: PPD

Potency Assay Methods